Demons, Negative Entity Attachments & Other Big Bads

Today I’d like to directly approach a subject that is, yes, another one of my soapbox topics. 🙂 That would be all the creepy crawlies I mentioned in my list of things to tell to fuck off -–negative entity attachments and demons and other big bads being two of them.

What we believe in, we give power to. We create and assign our own meaning to our intuitive experiences, usually based off of previous experiences and pre-existing belief systems (such as religious ones), and this is why two people can have the same experience but view it very differently. (CAVEAT: While this also applies to earthly life experiences, I am not talking about experiences with abuse and systems of oppression. That’s a whole other, nuanced discussion that involves power dynamics which are absent from the metaphysical experiences I’m discussing in this post. Any metaphysical/energetic experiences you have, you are the person in power.)

Biblical Influence on New Age Spiritual Beliefs

The modern Western world as we know it (and much of the Eastern world) has been shaped by white Judeo-Christian belief systems since white Christians began colonizing the globe in the 1500s, and Islamic influences–also an Abrahamic religion with similar belief systems and values–shaped cultures across Africa, Asia, and even parts of Europe prior to that.

The Judeo-Christian belief system and its values have been systematically ingrained in Western culture–America and Western Europe, including the UK–and subsequently, in your subconscious mind, whether you identify as a Christian or not. Per a conversation I had with a friend in Italy who is also a psychotherapist, those religious influences even affect therapists who believe they are atheists. And so it is with spiritual practitioners and belief systems. You can’t help but project those subconscious beliefs and values into any belief system you build around it, until you become self-aware enough to recognize them.

How has growing up in a society built on Christian concepts affected your perceptions of the physical world and the spirit world? And how much of this perception do you think has influenced Western new age spirituality? Most of the famed occultists over the centuries are from Western Europe. The new age movement itself began in the UK, and became popularized in the US–all cultures that have been heavily influenced by Christianity for hundreds, if not a thousand years or more. Part of that influence is the concept of good vs. evil, God vs. Satan, angels vs. demons, heaven vs. hell, etc.

How different might our views of the spirit world look if some other culture with a different view of reality had colonized the world? Near-death experiences vary by culture, so it’s not a large stretch of the imagination to assume that our experiences of the metaphysical in general might vary as well. How many of the psychics and channelers that new agers put their faith in come from a Christian background, and how might that inform their interpretation of their experiences?

New Age Nonduality

An overarching philosophy of New Ageism is unity consciousness, or the concept that all beings are one–each a part of the creator we refer to as God, or Source, or the Universe, and that the fundamental energy of that God, or Source, is Love. This philosophy is called nondualism. It asserts that duality as we experience is an illusion, and only exist on the earth plane.

If all beings are one, the one is Love, and duality is an illusion, then by that very same doctrine, the existence of demons, negative entities, evil aliens, etc. are also an illusion.

Learn why these fear-based concepts are illusory.

Mental Health’s Influence on Spiritual Experiences

I have never met a single person who believed they had a negative entity attachment who didn’t have serious emotional trauma resultant from abuse, alcoholism, shame, or some other consistently repressed negative emotional pattern. Even the people I’ve met whom I have sensed what some might label as an attachment, but who had no conscious awareness of that attachment themselves, were also carrying some extraordinarily repressed trauma energy.

So that begs the question: is it really some other entity or is it a thought-form of their own unhealed energy made manifest? Of course no one wants to claim or acknowledge that energy. It’s shit they’ve been repressing for years. The shadow self.

It’s much more convenient for some people to say, “I’m doing these things because an negative entity is making me,” or “I’m experiencing these attacks because an evil spirit is out to get me,” than to face the ugliest, most painful parts of ourselves.

Are all of these incidents manifestations of someone’s internal energy or are there really other entities out there that come along and attach the energy that we’re putting out via law of attraction?

My question to you is: does it matter?

If you are a new ager who believes in the concept of unity consciousness, that everyone is “one”, that we are each a part of the whole–then at the highest level, there is no energetic “self.” The self is illusory. And what is a negative spirit other than an aspect of yourself?

Whether it’s your energy or some “other” energy, it’s a part of you no matter which way you look at it. It could be the spirit of another “person” or something literally manifested from your own localized energy. Either way, both are still a part of you, and whether you choose to differentiate between the two, see them both as a part of yourself, or see them as separate entities is really up to you.

But when people choose to look at them as separate entities, they tend to also believe that because it is separate, it is not a part of them, and thus they have no control or power in the experience. They see it as a force acting upon them against their will, which is giving their power away through that belief and saying, “I have no control over this.”

The only way to truly heal oneself is through love and acceptance of self, and that includes all aspects of the self, even the scary ones.




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  1. Aka a monkey on your shoulder. Great article.

  2. As a recovery alcoholic, I agree with you. The huge and powerful negative demon from that phase of my life still tries to drag me back, despite me being sober for ten years. It is an almost daily chore to quiet those roars and find my place of loving acceptance and peace. Thank you for this.


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