Create Your Own Vision Board & Manifest The Hell Out of Your Inner Awesome

If you’re really into the idea of manifesting but you’re not really clear on this whole “setting intentions” thing, this blog post is for you.

Note: Before attempting to manifest anything, I highly recommend reading this post about the mechanics of the Law of Attraction. There’s some fundamental work you need to do before you reach the setting intentions stage, otherwise your intentions may be for naught.

Setting an intention is as easy as making a decision (if you’re one of those people who have problems making decisions… well, that could be an issue…). But it’s hard to keep all of those decisions and intentions in our head without forgetting them or putting them on the backburner. You’ve only got so much mental energy to burn, after all.

That’s where vision boards come in. If you’re at a point where you’re ready to set some intentions and serious about seeing them through, now is the time. Get out your crafting gear (you know you have a tool box full of it, if not an entire room…like me) it’s time to get creative!

Okay okay…you don’t have to be creative to make a vision board. You can do just as well by making a list. I do it all the time. Hell, I manifested a husband, a house and a career simply by writing down what I wanted in a notebook that I kept under my bed. It’s funny to go back and re-read them after a few years and think, “Oh my god, I got all of it… well, most of it.” I did ask that my significant other be musically inclined. He’s quite the opposite. I’ll let it slide, though. 🙂

If you do like being crafty, there’s lots of different ways to create your vision. You can use a scrapbook, a board, or an entire wall if you like. And if you’re really creative, try an altar instead. I’ve even seen picture frames with string and clothespins used to create vision boards.

Click for image source.

Image source

Grab a pile of magazines, old birthday cards, scrapbook supplies – whatever you’ve got laying around. Search for images that are representative of the things you want. Find inspirational words and phrases that go with them. Cut them out and paste them to your board.

For example, one of the things that you want to manifest is a happy marriage. Look for romantic images that instill you with a feeling of happiness and warm fuzzies and apply those to your board. Be as specific as you can.

The way this thing will look is 100% unique to you and you can choose to display it out in the open or you can hide it under your bed (for whatever reason I always feel like putting things under my bed, where I sleep, helps me subconsciously manifest things while I snooze).

Click for image source.

Click for image source.

If you do want to put it out in the open and you’re pretty creative, you can almost make it look like it’s a part of your home decor, like these:

Click image for source.

Click image for source.

Click for image source.

Click for image source.

Click for image source.

Click for image source.

Do you need to look at them every day? Not in my experience. But if it helps you, go for it.

Don’t think you’re crafty enough to create something like this? No problem. Visit, fill out their questionnaire and you’ll get a customized vision poster with no work on your part at all. Check mine out:

Sacred Space Quote

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