The Greatest Conspiracy Theory of All Time

You can’t help but delve into the conspiracy theory realm at least a tad when you’re going through your awakening process. It’s a natural part of beginning to question your accepted notion of reality. You’re discovering new information and  you’re apt to give just about anything and everything a serious once over.

You hear all kinds of strange stuff. Some of it is really out there, like soul sucking reincarnation machines on the moon, but some of it seems really plausible. I mean, there HAS to be a reason why the world is so… awful. Right?

We’ve got wars and genocides and natural disasters, global warming, corrupt governments, greedy corporations, fluoride in the water, pesticides in our food, the bees are dying, the celebrities are brainwashed, the sky is falling and the aliens are coming! Somebody must be responsible for these atrocities!

So you think, maybe there really IS a group of elite people who sacrifice children during satanic rituals in an effort to magically control the world. Someone has to be responsible for this disaster of a planet we’re living on.

What if I were to suggest that the people responsible for the state of the world today are much closer to you than some faceless cabal?

What if I told you that the greatest conspiracy theory of all time is that YOU have been brainwashed?

Oh wait, yes. I already know about mind control. I deactivated my implant years ago when I stopped going to church and quit watching that crap that I was being fed by the mass media! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!

Oh – a free thinker, then, are we? Think again.

Right about now you may be thinking, “What?! Who? How?

No, it’s true.

You, my friend, have been brainwashed. But there’s hope.

You can deprogram yourself by expanding your consciousness. Are you game? If so, read on…

What if I told you that you can very easily find out who the REAL people are that control world, the government, and the economy.  All you have to do is get up from your chair, couch, or kitchen table – wherever you’re currently sitting –  walk to your closest bathroom, stand in front of the mirror and point your finger.

You must be shocked. How could YOU (or me, for that matter) have anything to do with plans for world domination?

Do away with the idea that there is an agenda to take over the world and enslave humanity. There isn’t. The only person you are a slave to is your own ego. Do away with the idea that anyone who is allegedly in control of any of these things is “evil” – because there’s no right and wrong, no good and bad, except in the eye of the beholder. Everything just IS and we are the ones who judge what’s good and what’s evil based on our own moral constructs.

Do away with the notion that the Illuminati, the “cabal” or any group, for that matter, has any kind of control over anything in your world. Your government, big corporations, the Fed, the economy… eliminate the idea that some elite group of people created any of that, because they didn’t.  We did – collectively and systematically – over the course of history.

The things you are talking about are systems. Structures. And those complex systems and structures were developed and have evolved over thousands of years. Every human being on the planet has willingly contributed to evolution and development of these systems.

You also have to understand that the people who are benefitting the most from these systems are not inherently evil. Self-serving? Opportunistic? Perhaps. But they are simply abiding by their own moral code and worldview. Nobody does anything that they believe to be “wrong” – their actions are always justified in their own minds. Additionally, you already know that souls agree to participate in such roles to give you contrast and help you grow.

Well then how do you explain all of this?!

We do. The current state of the world is a collective product of the mental state of humanity. We, as a whole, haven’t evolved past our own egos. We haven’t become aware enough of how our actions and reactions influence the fabric of our society and our reality.

Understand this – every thought, action and reaction you have sends a ripple throughout time and space and affects every single system we are talking about and vast swaths of people all over the globe.

Do you eat meat? Particularly beef? Do you drive a car? Or perhaps own a home that uses electricity? If so, congratulations. You are contributing to 67% of Greenhouse gas emissions.

“But,” you say, “this crazy weather we’re experiencing is a natural phenomena, it’s not the result of people. Global warming isn’t real!”

Let’s say, for a moment, that it isn’t. It is still UNDENIABLE that even if we haven’t polluted the planet enough to directly caused what we’re currently experiencing, it still CAN, over time, so why would you continue to do it?

That’s like saying, “I’m a smoker and I have cancer, but my cancer wasn’t caused by my smoking, it was caused by asbestos exposure, so I’m just going to continue to smoke, even though I already know that smoking can cause cancer, too.” Because you’re going to die anyway, right? Except in this situation, you’ll be taking everyone else on the entire planet along with you. Mass murder much? Well, I suppose it would be more like negligent manslaughter, right?

Now wait a minute. How is any of this MY problem? I’m not the one doing it…big businesses are. Factories. Corporations. They’re the real culprits.

Are they?

Yeah! I mean, look at Monsanto. They’re totally terrible. They’re supposed to be feeding the world and instead, they’re poisoning it! 

Monsanto’s thing is that they’re feeding the world by helping farmers create more productive crops on smaller amounts of land.

The largest (legal) cash crop in the US is corn.  But it’s not the kind of corn that feeds people – that’s sweet corn. The vast majority of this corn goes to feed cows and make biofuel – so you can eat your steaks and drive your cars and have your steaks delivered to your local supermarket. And yet beef (and meat in general) is the most expensive item at the supermarket, per pound. And Americans eat more meat than any other country in the world (with the exception of Luxembourg, which is slightly smaller than the size of Delaware)- more than the amount they probably actually need to eat. Growing corn is not feeding the world. It’s feeding Americans – mostly the ones who can afford it.

So why do farmers keep growing corn and raising cattle? Because WE DEMAND IT.

We want it. And we don’t want to think about how it got to us or what kind of affect it’s having on the rest of the environment or the lives of our children or their children’s children. We just want to enjoy a nice steak – but also, don’t show us how the cow was treated or raised or slaughtered because we can’t handle thinking about that.

(Note: I’m not suggesting farmers are single-handedly responsible for anything and before anyone gets in an uproar, I grew up and worked on a farm every summer of my life between age 8 and 22. I know a little bit about it… I’m just using this as a specific example of supply and demand and how it’s all a part of the system.)

Your demand for that nice steak that you grill every weekend runs right up the economic food chain to support Monsanto, who’s big corporate money is used to sway politicians into creating laws that allows them to do what they want so they can make more money which increases the value of their company and gives raises to thousands of people they employ who drive every day to their lovely suburban home in their new Volvo that they bought with their raise, to their families, just like you do, and sit down for a nice steak dinner to celebrate their increase in income.

Well, the shadow government is still in control of the industrial military complex and they’re the ones who are keeping us perpetually at war, so we can be in a constant state of fear…

Wars these days are economically driven. They’re not fought for “freedom” they’re fought for “freedom to have another country’s resources.” Like oil – that’s one of bigger reasons why we dick around so much in the middle east. But why do we need oil?

Once again – do you drive a car? Live in a house? Go to the mall? Buy cheap clothes at Walmart? Hell, even the steak you bought at the grocery store and the plastic bag it came in – all brought to you by OIL and other fossil fuels (or biofuel… but most likely oil or coal) via transportation, shipping, the fuel used to run the machines that made the trucks that shipped you the steak you just bought at the grocery store that came in a plastic bag that was also manufactured from oil, by oil and sent to the grocery store by oil. Why? Because your dollars demand it. And so do everyone else’s.

The system exists because we collectively allow it to exist. Hell, our jobs depend on it.

We want iPods and iPads and BMWS and we want those things to feel better about ourselves because we don’t want to actually take the time or effort (or we don’t know how to take the time or effort) to look in the mirror and figure out that the self-depreciating shit that we say to ourselves every day is what’s making us unhappy, not a lack of materialistic bullshit that we don’t really need.

So we work our asses off day in and day out at jobs we hate (which are a part of the system) to make money to buy more shit we don’t need.

And we stress ourselves out over hating our jobs in order to make money to buy shit we don’t need.

And the stress causes illness which is compounded by how detrimental to our health the number of steaks – or burgers, if you’re on the cheap side – we are eating per day.

And then instead of re-evaluating what we’re doing to ourselves (again, refusing to look in the mirror) we go to the doctor and get some pills so we don’t have to change anything and keep going just a little bit longer to make more money to buy shit we don’t need. And let’s not even touch on how that’s supporting big pharma…

We are willing cogs in the machine. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome.

But what about the corporations?!

Their goal is to make money and satisfy their shareholders (which in many cases, if you have money invested in the stock market via a 401K… is YOU!). It’s all about profit. If you own your own business, you understand that, too. They aren’t interfering with government with the intent of taking advantage of you, they’re doing it with the intent of satisfying your desire for their products so they can make more money for you, the shareholder (and themselves, in the process)!

Well then there’s the MEDIA. Those bastards are surely in on it. It’s all their fault we’re brainwashed in the first place. They’re just trying to keep us in a perpetual state of fear.

Nope. They’re just making money, just like everybody else. They look at what you watch on TV and they give you more of it. And guess what? What you love most is FEAR!

If we’d stop eating that shit up, they’d stop serving it to us.

Same with the corporations. Businesses can’t stay afloat if they don’t have customers. And it appears that there are plenty.

Well what about the politicians and the lobbyists? Sure. The politicians are in bed with the corporations, but once again, it’s just for the sake of the almighty dollar. They’re in it for a buck just like you are. Because they want iPads and BMWs and nice houses and maybe a call girl or two on the side. It’s the American Dream, right?

And after all… we keep voting for them as though this tiny handful of people are going to somehow change this massive system that was created over hundreds to thousands of years in the two-four year term they’re allotted. Isn’t that laughable when you think about it?

And then we get pissed off at THEM when they don’t achieve the change that we wanted in the systems that we collectively created and continue to perpetuate.

We live in a culture that we have helped create and sustain, and then we want to blame everybody else for all of it’s problems, turn them into the bad guys (which if you even remotely consider yourself spiritual, you ought to know that it’s dualistic bullshit to vilify anyone), and safely remove ourselves from any sort of personal responsibility.

No one coerced you into participating in this system. No one duped you into helping create it. It is a collective product and evolution of the human ego.

Until enough of humanity WAKES UP to what they are doing to themselves, this will continue. A corrupt system can only exist so long as people willingly participate in it.

But the Illuminati!

Let me ask you a rhetorical question. Are the members of this so-called Illuminati not spiritual beings having a human experience, just as you are? Did the members of this group not create a life plan and a soul contract just as you did? Villains are merely your projected perceptions of the people around you. You create your reality. If you see evil around you, then it is also within you.

No, I’m not saying you are evil. Evil is a product of fear.

I am saying that you are fearful. And it’s coloring your perception of how you see the world.

And in your state of fear, you are giving your power away to these faceless villains. And your struggle against them is is just an outward manifestation of the struggle within you–with that fear. It all boils down to the outward projection of our internal struggle with fear.

Don’t you think it’s ironic that many people say the whole purpose of several of these so-called conspiracies is to create fear among humanity? And yet, the very idea of the conspiracy itself also elicits a fear response…

Interesting. Perhaps that’s the real conspiracy. You are being manipulated in the worst way… by fearing fear itself.

And the person doing the manipulating is you.

Fear is, quite literally, the mother of all conspiracies. It birthed every single one of them. It feeds them. It grows them, and it lives IN YOUR MIND. Nobody brainwashes you but you.

Want to free yourself from this self-imposed tyranny? Let go of of your victim mentality, take your power back by taking responsibility for the world around you, and let go of fear. 



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  1. Wow, I’m going to read that again….but then slower. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m speechless! You were able to touch every single fear-based topic I had been wondering about a lot lately. Thank you Ashley, I love your insight and you’re ability to set us on the right course and – you are truly amazing.

    • Thanks 🙂 I try!

  3. It is a fantastic article Ash.


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