Learn the basics of reading an astrology chart

TODAY – 2PM Eastern

Get a crash course in how to read an astrology chart from Ash Riley of In My Sacred Space.

During this event, you’ll learn:

-The underlying theory of astrology
-Types of astrology charts
-The basics of how to start reading a natal chart
– An overview of the 12 astrological houses and the 12 signs of the zodiac
-How the planets move through an astrology chart and why they move the way they do
-How to read angles, major formations and patterns
& whole lot more

If you want to follow along, come to class prepared with your birthdate, time (exact as possible), and location, and sign up for an astro.com account prior to the class.

Class Price: donation basis 💕- Suggested $10.

This will be held on Zoom, use the button below to access. Please note: You may need to install Zoom software prior to the event.

RSVP to the Facebook Event here.

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