Can A Psychic Tell Me My Future?

Here’s the thing about the future…

YOU create it.
Yeah, there’s a plan that you put together before you came here to sort of map things out, but it’s all really up to you. So instead of asking a psychic what’s going to happen to you –  ask yourself, “What do I WANT to happen to me?”

The idea that things happen to you is a misunderstanding of sorts.

To suggest that a thing happens to you, suggests that it’s somehow out of your control. To believe that it is out of your control is to give your power away.

You can live your life asleep, oblivious to the true power you have within yourself, at the mercy of the collective consciousness – or – you can live your life wide awake, fully aware of your creative power.

How do you choose to live?


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  1. That’s it….? I was ready for more 🙂 So when you lose your boyfriend via suicide and then are fired from your job…I’m curious how “To suggest that a thing happens to you, suggests that it’s somehow out of your control. To believe that it is out of your control is to give your power away.” pertains to that…

    • First of all, I’m sorry that you lost your boyfriend. That’s a difficult thing for anyone to go through and I wish it on no one. While your boyfriend is certainly a part of your life, he is responsible for his own feelings and choices – not you. Ultimately, that was a part of his life, not yours – although it will certainly have a lasting effect on you. The relationships that we agree to build with those we are close to in our lives are certainly some of the most important learning moments we have.

      Your creative power, in that situation and others like it, rests in how you allow it to affect you, and what you do with that experience. I see people bounce back from a death like that and allow it to spur them to do wonderful things for the world –, for example. And I also see situations where the grief swallows and paralyzes the individual. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t grieve – quite the opposite, it means you feel all of those things and are able to move on in spite of them, and in some cases, give it even more meaning for your life by creating something that helps others.

      In that process of creation, you transmute that low, grief energy into something more, and for many it can be a healing experience.

      As for getting fired from your job – I’m a prime example of how someone creates that situation. I sat at my desk for 8 months in a job that I hated and repeatedly said to myself, “Why am I even here? I hate this job.” And the universe gave me what I was subconsciously asking for – it got me out of that job. Not the way I necessarily would have wanted… but it happened.

      So I could have sulked for a good long while, panicked and immediately started searching for yet another job that I might have ended up hating just as much. But I didn’t. I chose to take control and started my own business.

      The thing about it was, there were little road signs all along to point me in the right direction. I’m perceptive enough (nowadays, at least) to take note of those signs and let my intuition guide me in the right direction. I was headed out of that job one way or another, because I had better things on the horizon. Whether or not I would follow those signs, or ignore them and stay in that cycle of jobs I hate (believe me, that was just the last in a LOOONG line) was entirely up to me.

      The control is all in your thoughts and beliefs about those situations. Law of Attraction – like attracts like. If you go the “this happened to me and there’s nothing I can do about it” route, those thoughts and feelings can control you and then continue to attract similar situations that make you feel helpless. If you shift gears and take up the challenge to be a conscious creator, and you are able to overcome that helplessness, you have a lot more control over your present, and subsequently, your future.

      • Ashley,

        Thanks for taking to give a thorough reply to this kind of response. I’ve always struggled putting words to answer whenever I asked myself that question. I simply let it go and move on with my day whenever it came up, but never figured out how I responded. The only thing I figured out was something I called “reliable repetition” where the same kinds of experiences will come up over and over again without fail until one chooses to respond differently.

        With Gratitude,

        • Reliable repetition is a good term for it, and I’ve noticed that pattern as well!


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