Buddha Inspired Meditation Spaces

A‘ve been obsessed lately with creating a meditation space in my office, even though it’s not nearly private enough for such a use.  And my number one focus that would complete my meditation space is a Buddha statue.  Particularly this one from Target, which I’m circling like a vulture waiting for it to go on sale. There’s just something incredibly serene about Buddha – I’m not a Buddhist, but still appreciate his teachings and philosophy – that seems like I SHOULD have a Buddha statue in my meditation space. That said, here’s five Buddha inspired meditation spaces from around the web.  Did any of these inspire you? Let me know in the comments!

buddha-crystal-meditation-room Buddha-meditation-room-inspiration Buddha-meditation-room buddah-statue-meditation-room

1. Buddha Head and Crystals from Igniteyourtruth on Tumblr.   2. From CarolynBakker.com. 3. Buddha Heads found on YogaIndiaLove on Tumblr. 4. Photo from An Indian Summer Design.   5. Found on Pinterest.




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  1. Hi, Ash – I subscribed to your blog not long ago. It’s quite nice! This article and photos caught my attention. They’re really lovely. The last one is my favorite because of the cozy rest area attached. Very cool. I painted and organized my office/studio and completed the project a few months ago. One thing I promised myself I would have is a simple altar. I only had room on top of a medium-sized bookshelf, on which I put a brightly dyed piece of Indian cloth. I’ve had two small Buddha statues packed away with other things that I got out and put on top. It’s feels so heartwarming to finally do something I had been planning for so long! Wish I could attach a photo of my altar space to this comment. 😉 Cheers! Judith

    • Thanks Judith! I am planning to do a post with a few pics of my favorite altars I’ve found on Pinterest very soon. Maybe I’ll make it sooner rather than later 😉

  2. Hi.. nice to see my meditation space in your blog ;-). Nr. 5!
    Love and Namasté

    • It’s yours?! That’s awesome! I’m jealous 🙂

  3. I like # 4 the I just have a good strong feeling when i saw this picture of the statue .


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