A Body Without A Soul

Oct 20, 2017 | Personal Life, Question Submission, Science and Metaphysics, Spirit

My crowdfunding campaign to raise $500 for blog expenses for the next six months was completed by donations from 26 people. Thank you to everyone who donated and thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement. It really does mean a lot to me at this time in my life when I feel so physically alone. That’s starting to change, I hope, as I meet new people who are into spirituality in the same way that I am.

I have to specify that, as I’ve discovered that there are a lot of people here who are into Law of Attraction or perhaps even meditation, but aren’t as deeply into the metaphysical and personal development aspects of spirituality, which, for me, is the whole purpose of it. Without it, spirituality becomes surface level, as so many relationships in NYC seem to be.

I’m looking for something deeper than that. I know that I’ll be able to find it, it just requires a willingness to continue being vulnerable, even as those surface level people turn away from it.

I’ve had a good week, overall. I had a phone interview at a local university this week that turned into back-to-back interviews with the Dean and Director of Communications, and I’ve been bumped up to a meeting with the VP of Communications next week. It’s walking distance from my apartment and should easily cover my expenses with plenty left over to put into savings. Since it’s in academia, I should hope there’s a decent work/life balance (no 60-80 hour work weeks). And my hope is that it’s not terribly stressful. All of this will meet the guidelines which I set for the kind of job I need to bring me stability, financially and emotionally, while I continue to focus on my own healing and personal growth, and perhaps, it will afford me the chance to start something of my own on the side. It’s the only place I’ve interviewed so far, out of all of the places I’ve applied, but I suppose one is all it takes!

I’ve also had three potential new marketing clients appear out of the blue this week, two of which are metaphysically related businesses. I feel like I can relax a little. I did a review of my finances yesterday afternoon and if I don’t make another dime the rest of the year, I have enough money to get me through the end of December (and still have enough left over to pay my business taxes next spring).

In case you’re wondering why I’ve been freaking out, I have only made $500 off of my business since July. I’ve been living off of the money I made from selling my car, selling my wedding dress, cashing out my IRA (which I’m going to have to pay penalties on), and whatever money I made from earlier in the year – and in New York, no less. It’s not cheap. Not to mention, about 40% of that $500 will be taxed, so it’s more like $300. My rings still haven’t sold, which could give me another $3,000.

It’s not for a lack of trying. I’ve been trying to the point of exhaustion and realized that I’m so busy trying to bring in new business that I’m not even able to focus on finishing the one thing that I have. That’s when I decided to shift my focus to looking for a full time job.

Imagine holding that kind of stress along with everything else I’ve been going through – completely uprooting myself and going somewhere totally new, not knowing anyone, with no local support system, dealing with my family drama, separation and divorce…the weight of it is heavy. And that’s an understatement. Some days it feels insurmountable. And I know. I chose this. It’s serving it’s purpose, but it’s sure as fuck not easy.

In other news, I’m ages behind in answering question submissions, so here’s a mind bender for your Friday.

Question from a reader:

“Could you tell me, if the human body carries the soul, how would the human body feel and work without the soul?”

I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. lol However, I can do my best to make an educated guess based on what I know!

I guess where we have to start with this question is whether or not it’s even possible for there to be a body without a soul… so let’s discuss what a soul is, and what a body is, and go from there. A soul is simply an energetic point of conscious awareness. What we know is that everything in existence is conscious energy (we call it “spirit”) and that includes ourselves, all of the physical things we see in the universe, and even all of the things we don’t see, as well as the space in between.

In Eastern Body, Western Mind, Anodea Judith describes soul and spirit being of the same essence. What we distinguish as a “soul” is simply when spirit enters a physical body (additionally, spirits don’t inhabit bodies, they actually envelope them – that’s what your aura is). Even then, soul is never separate from spirit. If spirit is everything we see around us, including all physical things, then our bodies, too, are a manifestation of spirit. And if there’s truly no separation of soul from spirit, then body and soul are one and the same. Your body has consciousness just as everything else does.

So can a body exist without a soul if both body and soul are “spirit”? I think we’re talking semantics now. Certainly, bodies can live without the sort of conscious awareness that we are familiar with as humans. That’s how bodies are kept alive in vegetative states. The difference, I suppose, is what level of consciousness we’re talking about. That would be very difficult for us to understand from our own level of thinking, but let’s put it this way – even the cells in your body have a certain amount of consciousness. They do what they do of their own accord and have a purpose for doing so without you having to think about it. Your body does all kinds of things without you having to consciously think about it. It’s just operating on a different level of awareness than that which exists in your conscious mind.

So, perhaps, instead of associating your soul ONLY with your conscious mind, you must also associate it with the subconscious mind. The part of yourself that you’re not aware of. I think that’s where we get confused – our conscious self is merely our ego and it’s just a small piece of the totality of what we are (spirit).

I hope that wasn’t too convoluted and gave you a little bit of clarity. 🙂








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  1. That is a lot of change. My best wishes and positive energy is being sent your way.
    Good luck with the new gig.


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My first reaction to the reading was WOW. Your words captured a theme woven into my life right now. The reading has emboldened me to take back my power and inspired me to research some books, get back to meditating and provided a focus.


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