Acknowledging Your Fear

The things we refuse to acknowledge haunt us like ghosts. Hidden specters of fear and grief follow each of us around, screaming into our subconscious and manifesting themselves in the world around us demanding to be recognized.

Our worst fears about ourselves live in our subconscious mind, occasionally floating close enough to the surface for us to become mildly aware of, but most of the time, we quickly shove them back into the depths and pretend it never happened. However, in order to fully integrate our shadow selves, we must do the opposite.

There’s something incredibly healing about acknowledging your worst fears. It brings them into the light and allows them to be transmuted. 

When we continue suppressing them, they continue to haunt us. And the more we ignore them, the more powerful they become.

They manifest themselves as beliefs, attitudes, and addictions; and more physically as diseases and abusive relationships, all of which reflect back to us this thing inside of ourselves that we refuse to see.

Even then, we may find incredibly creative ways to continue resisting our shadow selves, the most extravagant being when we choose to separate them from ourselves altogether. When we reach the point that we’re no longer just ignoring our shadow self, but completely disembodying it from ourselves, that’s when it begins to appear outside of us… in the form of negative entities and “demonic attachments.”

We convince ourselves that we are so good, so pure and so holy that we cannot possibly be this thing that we fear (even though we’ve been told a thousand times that we are all “one” and there is no separation) and ironically, create the ultimate separation – a separation of self…a separation from self.


If you find yourself haunted, or hear wild tales of supernatural malevolent forces acting upon another person, the first thing you need to ask is, “What fear has been buried so deeply and not being acknowledged for so long that it is now manifesting itself in such an ugly way?”

Only through acknowledgement of our fears and taking responsibility for the things we experience can we truly experience ourselves as whole beings. Nothing can be released until it is acknowledged. The more you resist, the more it will persist.



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  1. sometimes we call ourselves acknowledging our fears when all the while we are just voicing them which just goes away as quickly as it comes out of out mouth and the fear is still there that is the hardest thing for me to do


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