8 Instagram Shops You Should Know

It’s always great to find really cool, unique new shops that sell really awesome stuff, especially when they’re upcycled, earth friendly, all natural, charitable or just plain amazeballs. I follow several on Instagram that are to die for and today, I’m sharing them with you, just in case you need a last minute gift idea for Christmas!

Crystal Bar Soap – Canada


100% vegan & cruelty free handmade crystal soaps and bath bombs. Each one of these lovelies comes with a crystal tucked inside.

Nectar & Bumble – UK


Gifts, homeware, and natural skincare. Nectar & Bumble donates 10% of its profits to bee charities to help save the bees.

Lonesome Hobo Glass – Wisconsin, USA


Hand crafted terrariums from recycled window glass.

The Sacred Dimension – California, USA


Spiritual treasures for the body and mind.

ShowMe Orgonite – Missouri, USA

Orgonite artists and reiki masters. Each piece is reiki infused.

Poison Apple Print Shop – Pennsylvania, USA


One person print shop. Handmade illustrations and prints.

Sisters of the Black Moon – Sweden


Eccentricities for the shadows of your soul. Clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Becca Douglas Art – Virginia, USA


Dream paintings, tattoo design, and personal portraits.

Get creative this holiday season and support conscious local businesses and artisans with your gift giving!




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