2017 is the Year to Begin or Expand Your Heart-Based Business

First off, happy new year! I know so many of us were glad to see this year go. It was a tough one for a lot of people, but I think a lot of us ended on a strong note. I started offering readings back in July. I’ve done several by now and what I’ve found interesting, especially as the end of the year has approached, is the number of people who have expressed a desire to begin their own heart-based business and become a spiritual entrepreneur.

One of the reasons I’ve found it interesting is because, naturally, it seems to align with what I’m working toward right now as well (and a lot of my readings have in some way, shape or form). The other reason I find it intriguing came up when I started doing my New Year Life Themes Reports.

As part of that report, I analyze the energy for the coming year using numerology. I was quite surprised – although I shouldn’t have been – by what I found. Next year, 2017, is a GREAT year to start a spiritual practice, healing business, or any kind of entrepreneurial role that involves helping others.

I feel that’s why so many of the readings I have been doing lately are centered around that theme – a lot of us have been feeling the call and are beginning to respond to it. Some of us have been laying the groundwork throughout 2016 and I’m here to tell you that 2017 is the year to bring it all together. If you’ve just been doing it on the side as a hobby and have been feeling the pull to make it your full time job – make it a priority for 2017. You couldn’t ask for a better time.

I have truly been fascinated by how many people have asked me this question, especially recently. As I was crunching the numbers, I suddenly felt incredibly validated about my own choice to pursue this. It’s what makes me happy. I should have recognized that this was where I was meant to go two years ago, but I travelled off the path briefly. Let me explain…

Since I graduated college, I held a string of incredibly miserable jobs. Jobs working for people who were emotionally immature, had drug problems, were emotionally abusive and vindictive, or complete and total narcissists. I could truly horrify you with the stories I have from several of my jobs, but I’ll spare you the details.

Toward the end of 2013, I was in a job that I loved, but working for people and a company I hated. I sat at my desk for eight months and repeatedly said to myself, “Why am I even here? I hate this job.” And the universe gave me what I was subconsciously asking for – it got me out of that job. Not the way I necessarily would have expected… but it happened.

So I could have sulked for a good long while, panicked and immediately started searching for yet another job in desperation that I might have ended up hating just as much. But I didn’t. I chose to take control and started my own business as a digital marketing consultant.

I was headed out of that job one way or another, because I had better things on the horizon. Whether or not I would follow those signs, or ignore them and stay in that cycle of jobs I hated (believe me, that was just the last in a LOOONG line) was entirely up to me.
The control is all in your thoughts and beliefs about those situations. Law of Attraction – like attracts like.

In starting my own business, I did work for regular companies and I also had a focus on spiritual entrepreneurs called ThirtyThreeSix. I was very successful at what I did. I LOVED working for myself, I loved that I had plenty of time to do whatever I wanted. And in that time, I also started this little side project called In My Sacred Space as a hobby.

After two years of working for myself, I still loved the freedom, but the work wasn’t all that satisfying anymore. I felt restless and disinterested. It was at that time, the end of 2015, that I was offered the opportunity to join one of my clients full time as Marketing Director. I loved the people I worked with so much, that I decided to do it. All the while, I kept In My Sacred Space going as a side project. It had become my real passion… but when 2016 rolled in, life and work got in the way. Somehow, I managed to keep it afloat despite all of the obstacles.

As the year rolled on, I started feeling the urge to make spirituality my full time business, whatever that entailed. As things at my current job unraveled, I wondered if I’d made a mistake by going to work for someone else again. And at the beginning of December, I opted to back to consulting with the intention of putting as much time and energy as possible into IMSS and making it my full time business.

I realized, just today, that the reason things never seemed to pan out anywhere else is because it wasn’t really where I was meant to be, although certainly, all of the experience I gained from those jobs will serve me extremely well in this new endeavor. Since making the conscious decision to do this, I feel good. I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be, and I’m excited about it.

The thing about it was, there were little road signs all along to point me in the right direction. I’m perceptive enough (nowadays, at least) to take note of those signs and let my intuition guide me. I got off track, momentarily, but now I’m back and I feel better than ever.

There are better things on your horizon, too – the question is, will you take that leap of faith that is required to create them?

PS – if you are ready to start your business or expand it and you’re looking for help with web design, branding, or email marketing, check out my business page and drop me a line.



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